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"We are excited to work with you to
supercharge your storytelling."



Engage with spellbinding sessions that traverse the intersection of technology, creativity, and the future of storytelling. Our keynotes aren’t just talks; they're glimpses into the future of media, designed to inspire and ignite the spark of innovation.

Topics include:

  • Creating a culture of Innovation

  • AI: Creative Friend of Foe

  • NFTS for Film and TV

  • How to make the most from AI

  • Embracing Change

  • How to ignite creativity


Immerse yourself in interactive sessions designed to upskill, challenge, and inspire. From AI storytelling techniques to Web3 integration, our workshops are the playgrounds where ideas transform into tangible outcomes.

Popular workshops include:

  • AI for film and TV

  • Prompt Engineering for AI

  • How to create for TikTok

  • 101s for ChatGPT, Midjourney

  • Building Web3 into storytelling

  • How to stay creatively relevant

  • InnovateHER - empowering women to self-innovate using their own agency


How can you future proof for the ever changing digital landscape? Partner with us to co-create bespoke strategies that seamlessly blend storytelling prowess with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your brand's resonance in the evolving media ecosystem.


Your business has it's own unique challenges, and we want to work with you to find solutions and successful results.  Through our consultation sessions, we offer personalised insights, solutions, and guidance, ensuring that your organisation thrives, irrespective of the medium or platform.


Let's gaze into the future to prepare for what lies ahead. Looking at the latest research from our global partners, we share upcoming trends with clients and assist with roadmapping a path to growth, competitiveness and meaningful creativity. 


Time is of the essence, and innovation waits for no one. Engage with us for swift, impactful strategies that position you at the forefront of the media landscape. Our innovation sprints help you andyour teams find mind blowing solutions to your real world business challenges.

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